Legitimize Your Business

Doing what you love means creating the business or career you have always wanted to, without being held back. Establishing that business is your responsibility. Ours is giving you the tools to maintain it legally in a simple and structured way.

Change Your Life

Our passion is creating security for businesses to create freely without fear. We pride ourselves in finding solutions for owners to keep their assets in check while they build on their dreams.

Legal Services

As a licensed attorney, I can help you register and fully structure your business. Part of what I do is represent you in legal matters that can stem from contractual disagreement and disputes.


I provide legal advice and answer questions about the business that may already be formed or that needs to be dissolved. We can further discuss options for representation that are not laid out in regard to civil matters and business litigation.


We want to empower cannabis companies, cannabis-adjacent professionals, and financial services professionals to grow their businesses with solid foundations. QKI Consulting, LLC is a dynamic consulting and legal services firm that offers tailored services and networking for cannabis companies and industry professionals. As the company’s founding attorney and business consultant, QK ensures that your legal needs are met as well as keeping you ahead of the curve on regulatory compliance and best practices. Let’s book a consult and get your business legally sound and on the right track and past the stigma of the industry! 


In my role as a business consultant and an attorney, I am well aware of the complexities of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as it is sweeping the commercial sector. However, I have been working in this field for years and I want to share my experience and knowledge with you so you can grow and succeed.As a lawyer and a business educator, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is a topic I have become very familiar with and am able to better advise you on even with the little regulatory guidance currently available. Let’s talk more via a consult to get you up to speed!

Business Organization

We can meet one on one to go over business plans and previous business structures. We can discuss representation, proper registration, documentation, and upkeep. A separate meeting can be scheduled to discuss matters that fall into different sectors of civil legal disputes to provide a limited scope of legal advice.

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