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QKI Consulting, LLC provides value and protection to equip your business with sustainability and scale.

Legal Services

If you engage in any of the below activities then you need a business attorney or consultant to guide you through the process:

Business Organization

You will save yourself time and money by working with our firm, we empower you with knowledge and actions to grow efficiently.


Quality and Efficiency is what we strive for.



Our services are not only necessary, but they are also preventative! Don’t wait for the issue to come up!

Brand Protection

“If you protect your other assets: your phone, home, and car BEFORE something happens – why not your business?”

Happy Faces of Happy Clients

Doing what you love means creating the business or career you have always wanted to, without being held back. Establishing the business is your responsibility.

We are here to ensure that you are able to grow and sell with proper knowledge and without having to start all over based on mistakes or misinformation. Our passion is creating security and strategy for businesses to develop freely without fear. QKI Consulting provides dynamic solutions to problems and actionable steps to complex business concepts. 


 As an attorney and business consultant, with over ten years of experience, QK has established herself as an advocate and guide to business concepts and structures. She understands the challenges others face in creating dream businesses and ensuring it’s compliant. 

We proudly provide legal support, business organization, brand protection, and compliance services for clients who need an expert to guide them properly. 

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