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Qhaurium, or QK, Douglas is an Eastside native in Oklahoma City with a law degree and focus in business compliance from OCU. She’s worked in banking, mortgage mitigation, credit repair, compliance, and the consumer law sector of legal practice. She is dedicated to reshaping the way local businesses are treated within the legal landscape. QK chose to take a different path with her legal career as she shifts to running her own consulting firm. Working with clients to realize their dreams of being business owners and cultivating a solid foundation. Overall, her clients are able to take control of their lives and income with us in their corner.

She believes that building an understanding of financial and legal literacy within the community she grew up in is essential. With ten years of industry experience, Qhaurium created this company to help individuals access the information and knowledge needed to properly work for themselves.

“I’m in the business of PEOPLE and providing high-quality services that are needed in the communities I grew up in and love. We have to put an emphasis on quality and sustainability when it comes to our community and business structures. I see a gap in knowledge and want to fill it.”

Community Engagement

Chop Talks with QKI Consulting

Every month Qhauri invites local business owners to “chop it up” with her about business compliance tips at no cost to them. Chop Talks began as a reflection of Qhauri’s childhood in where she would have intimate conversations with family members about the real world. It was her intention to bring the same connectedness to her community as they begin or grow their own businesses.

Chop Talks Recap
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