Meditation is the key to excelling in life. 

I heard about meditation a few times and I thought, “oh ok, that just like when people say to get a green juice and go to Soul Cycle, (Low key I really want to go to Soul Cycle, but the way my funds are currently.)”

I wasn’t convinced it worked. Fast forward to the year I finish Law school and I fail the bar exam.  When I heard I was shaking! 

I pass everything.

I thought I did everything I could have done to succeed. I did my bar prep, I did the practice tests, and I spent countless hours studying. 

The work just doesn’t stop for me, but that’s just how I work. When I was in law school, I had a job, was involved with organizations, did internships, and volunteered. I was just really out there.

 The problem was I was so used to just going from one thing to the next – next subject, next section, next place, my mind was never still. NEVER. Know that feeling? I was at my wit’s end when I came across meditation, though. I thought at that point, “alright why not.”

I have never looked back! I am now an advocate for green juice (and I told you how I feel about Soul Cycle, lowkey though.) 

Practicing five, ten, or even 20 minutes to just sit and quiet your mind is an overlooked treasure. Your mind can always be racing. Always thinking, never completely present in the moment. That’s what makes us so multi-faceted, but it can also be overwhelming and detrimental.

Taking the time to just sit and focus while your mind wanders teaches you how to bring it back to focus. I am a perfect example: I sit and think about what I should’ve done yesterday, or why my back hurts, or how many cars my neighbor will have, and if it is a new record. Still, I always come back to the center.

Centering yourself is the beautiful thing about meditating. 

You will train your mind to come back when something distracts you. You will come back when someone cuts you off in traffic, and not let it ruin your whole afternoon. You will come back when your boss forgets to give you work until it is due in three days! You won’t look like you want to cuss him out and storm around the whole office. You will come back when you get distracted by your phone or someone comes busting through with all the gossip. You will simply come back to focus.

Taking this small amount of time to just sit with your thoughts and be present will have such a drastic change in your thought process as well. When was the last time you thought about how to make your life better? When was the last time you thought of a way to solve a problem that didn’t need to handle right at the moment or took the time to write out your business plan? The ideas and thoughts you want, but don’t NEED will come so much easier with this practice. It’s not a magic wand, but it will unlock some clarity. If you really don’t have 10 mins to sit, are you truly utilizing your time efficiently? 

Let me know what you think about meditation and where you are in your journey in the comments below!

Until I type again,

All love and badass success QK Community

We have all seen the treat yo’self meme telling us to act how we want to feel better. 

The pressure to look put together takes priority to actually get better. Why do we, especially millennials, equate money spent to taking care of our bodies and minds?

Social media makes it easier for us to compare ourselves to others. We are constantly seeing what others are doing and if we don’t have it, we want it. The need to impress online makes a part of us think we need things in order to fill the voids in our lives. 

This is simply false. 

A shopping trip won’t solve your problems.

This is why younger generations are so invested in having things that look nice without the commitment needed to get there. Having a material mindset will keep you focused on the result, not the process it takes to get there. We think social media is real, but it’s not. It takes a lot to maintain that image online.

We splurge to keep up when we cannot afford it (making a dip in our savings possibly) then we work more to compensate. It’s a destructive pattern where we are never satisfied with what we have so we’re overworking ourselves to get ahead.

Do we take time to evaluate what we are doing and why we are so busy?

Do we take the time to let go of what is not serving us?

We have to evaluate our lives by ruthlessly critiquing what we do and how we do it. This means mentally, (thought processes), physically (health), emotionally (relationships), and spiritually (your internal connections to the world and beyond).

We need to place our priority on our well-being not buying what we want. Don’t get me wrong, some of what you do to treat your mind may come at a cost. For example, therapy or a gym membership. Maybe taking a seminar on mental health or just time away from work. However, these are small prices to pay to perform at your best. 

Then you can unlock all your potential and eminence because it’s definitely there.

Let’s change the narrative from treating yo’self to becoming the most beautiful and resplendent versions of ourselves.

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